• Soup curry with bone chicken

      1100 yen

      Our specialty dish! Specialty soup curry

    • Cheese dish Hamburg soup curry

      1100 yen
    • Roast beef bowl

      1000 yen

      Soft and superb meat and special sauce

    • Donburi on Hokkaido

      1000 yen
    • Japanese style buddha bowl

      900 yen

      Chia seed, quinoa entered!

    • Today's pasta

      800 yen

      Contents are up to the staff !!

    • Vegetable buffet

      750 yen

      3 buckets and soup bar and detox water are also attached

  • Set menu

    • Vegetable buffet with lunch and set

      400 yen

      Plus a vegetable buffet for lunch! Soup bar and detox water are also attached

    • Drink with lunch and set

      100 yen

      Plus for lunch and drink !! Coffee, tea, orange juice and cola etc.